A boutique law firm focused on Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Public-Private Partnerships.

Developer Clients

EKM Law, PLLC represents clients on transactions and matters, including:

  • Real Estate Transaction Counsel. Represents and advises private sector developers on real estate transactions.

  • Energy Law Counsel. Represents and advises electric vehicle manufacturers, rooftop solar installers, and a for-profit association of distributed energy resource providers in investigative, adjudicatory (rate cases, mergers, and grid modernization proceedings) and rule-making proceedings

  • Special Counsel. Serves as co-counsel with large and small law firm attorneys on real estate developer client matters involving District, federal, state and municipal law, policy and regulatory issues.

  • Municipal and Regulatory Compliance Counsel. Represents and assists private sector clients with District, federal, state and municipal compliance issues, including District CBE and First Source compliance and certification requirements as well as state, federal, and municipal stormwater management, energy efficiency, green buildings, waterfront re-develpoment, and floodplain development requirements.

  • Landuse/Zoning. Represents and assists private sectors clients in obtaining variances and special exceptions from the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA).

Private Sector Real Estate   Transaction and Land Use Clients 

EKM Law, PLLC represents and advises private sector clients on:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions

  • Retail and office leases

  • TOPA (Seller Representation)

  • Condominium Conversions

  • Zoning

  • BZA Variance and Special Exceptions

  • DCRA Permit Issues

Government Clients

EKM Law, PLLC represents an instrumentality of the District of Columbia on a variety of District law and real estate matters, including: 

  • Advising on District government and District instrumentality powers and processes of eminent domain.

  • Assisting with minor modification application for submission to the District of Columbia Zoning Commission.

  • Conducting historic District law, ROD and Office of the Surveyor research.

  • Advising on District instrumentality tax status under Maryland laws.

  • Conducting public space research and analysis.