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Government Representation

Emily K. Morris has extensive experience representing the District of Columbia, as well as federal, state, municipal and tribal governments on environmental, energy, and real estate statutes, regulations and policies.  

Anacostia River

EKM Law, PLLC is honored to be serving as Co-Counsel to the District of Columbia in the District’s important efforts to obtain costs and other damages associated with cleaning up the Anacostia River, and returning the River to its historic role as a local and national treasure.  

Poplar Point #2.jpg

DMPED Real Estate Projects

During her 13 years with the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Emily K. Morris represented the District of Columbia government acting through the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) on countless real estate development transactions, and served as lead counsel on the following projects: 

Capitol Crossing

Mixed Use (Office, Residential, Retail)
Transaction Type: Disposition, subject to complex highway easements and covenants
Financing: PILOT, Equity, To Be Determined
Developer: Property Group Partners
Project Status: Pre-construction, deck construction to commence 2015
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DDOT, FHWA, DDOE, NCPC, OCTO DC Water, DC Council

Capitol Crossing: existing site

Capitol Crossing: site plan

Saint Elizabeths East

District Master Developer Project
Transaction Type: District Government Master Developer (entitlement, planning, public space improvement) 
Financing: District Appropriations for public space improvements, future phases to be determined
Project Status: Pre-development
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DGS, DDOT, OP, FWHA, ACHP, GSA, WMATA, DC Council

Saint Elizabeths East

400 E Street, S.W.

Fire Station/Hotel
Transaction Type: Ground Lease with Complex Reciprocal Easements
Financing: Traditional Debt and Equity, EB5
Developer: CityPartners
Project Status: Under Construction
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DGS, DC Fire and EMS

400 E Street SW (Existing Condition)

400 E Street SW (rendering of final project)

Hine School (Eastern Market)

Mixed Use Development (Office, Residential and Retail)
Transaction Type: Fee Disposition and Ground Lease
Financing Structure: To Be Determined
Developer: EastBanc
Status: Disposition Complete, Awaiting Financing
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DGS, OP, DDOT

Hine School (Eastern Market)

O Street Market

Mixed Use Development (Hotel, Residential, Grocery and Retail)
Transaction Type: Finance (Emily K. Morris real estate counsel)
Financing Structure: TIF, EB5, Traditional Debt and Equity, DHCD Loan
Developer: Roadside Development
Status: Substantially Complete
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DHCD, NCPC, DC Council

O Street Market: grocery and residential

O Street Market: hotel

Justice Park

Affordable Housing
Transaction Type: Ground Lease 
Finance Structure: LIHTC, DHCD Loan, and Traditional Debt and Equity
Developer: Dantes Partners
Project Status: Under Construction 
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DHCD. DC Council

Justice Park

Federal and District of Columbia Government
Real Property Act of 2006 

Exchange of 26 properties between District and United States (GSA, NPS, AOC)
Transaction Type: 17 Properties Exchanged in Fee, including Reservation 13 (commonly known as Hill East), Old Naval Hospital, Reservation 174 (for inclusion in City Center development), “Boathouse Row” properties, and Poplar Point; and 16 properties exchanged via transfers of jurisdiction
Project Status: Complete with the exception of Poplar Point
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), NPS, GSA, DDOE, DGS, AOC

Federal and DC Government Real Property Act of 2006: Poplar Point

Federal and DC Government Real Property Act of 2006: Old Naval Hospital

West End Temporary Fire Station

Construction Contract (Modular Temporary Fire Station)
Project Type: Construction Contract
Financing Structure: District Appropriations (Procurement)
Developer: EastBanc
Project Status: Construction Commencement Summer 2014
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), DC Fire and EMS, DGS, DC Council

West End Temporary Fire Station

Progression Place

Mixed Use (Office, Residential, Retail)
Project  Type: Fee Disposition
Financing Structure: Traditional Debt and Equity, NMTC, District Grant
Developer: Four Points and Ellis Enterprises Development in Partnership with The Jarvis Company
Project Status: Complete
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), WMATA, DHCD, OCFO, DC Council

Progression Place

Howard Theatre

Restaurant/Concert Venue
Project Type: Ground Lease
Finance Structure: District Grants, Traditional Debt and Equity, Historic Tax Credits, New Market Tax Credits, TIF
Developer: Howard Theatre Restoration and Ellis Development Group
Project Status: Complete
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), OCFO, DGS, DC Council

Howard Theatre

NOMA Marriott

Hotel, Retail
Project Type: Fee disposition
Finance Structure: Traditional Debt and Equity
Project Status: Complete
Agency Involvement: DMPED (lead), GSA, DDOT, WMATA

NOMA Marriott: view from Metro entrance

NOMA Marriott: view from Florida Avenue